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A hot halloween!

Hot and Fun! My Javelina Jundred 2007 report …

Javelina, on paper, is one of the fast and easy courses. 5200 ft of climb, ostly easy footing, lots of aid (every 5 miles), easy to navigate. Yet … less than 50% finished this year. Was it the 100k option alone? I don’t think so. Too […]

Plain tough!

Finished Plain in just about 32 hours. Tough. Fun. Beautiful … Plain. I finished. They had a high finisher rate this year, partially because of good weather (although it was bitter cold at night), a serious field and I believe people are learning from mistakes others have made (navigation isn’t that difficult anymore). That said, […]

It hurts! Really!

My HURT 100 race report from Hurt 07. I had a tough time at Hurt, and finished in an ok 33:32. Little race report for you. Let me say that I think the race was probably comparable to many other years – for example, a bunch of people this year were very close to their […]

2006 San Diego 100

Another little race report …

SD100 was nice again. The organization wasn’t as good as when Paul was RD (course not as well marked – bunch of runners got lost – etc) but still a fun race. Weather was perfect (sunny but with a cool wind during the day, cold but not very cold at […]

The (almost) toughest race I’ll ever love …

Quick report on my 2006 run of the toughest race you’ll ever love – or hate 🙂

The Wasatch 100 course IS very tough – the worst for me was not the big climbs, but that there are dozens and dozens of short climbs that are not on the elevation chart, but still are very […]

Tahoe Rim Trail 2006

Great views, and a deceptive course… I did TRT 100 last weekend. Not quite as impressive as the HR folks, but quite a challenge in its own right. Here’s a report:

So I drove up to Carson City on Friday morning, and after lots of driving, arrived for the drop bag drop/weigh-in/race briefing. Man it […]

Fight Erosion

Massanutten 2006 report.

Good race for me, but those rocks are laughing in your face saying – how tough are you really, hmmm? Sooo. A week ago, things didn’t look so good. DNF in Hawaii, complaining about supposed injury, then didn’t even complete one of Wendell’s easiest 50k – where was Beat? Was he getting […]

A cold and wet bear-hug

The Bear 2005 – man did I have a tough time doing that one … read about my epic battle 🙂 Wow! This was one race!!! Remember when I thought CCC was sort of easy because I never felt down? This was the true test for me. NOW I feel like an ultra runner 😉


2005 Cascade Crest Classic

This is the report of my very first 100, the Cascade Crest Classic. What a fun course!

The Race:

The Cascade Crest 100M is one of the harder endurance runs of its kind – 21500 ft up/down (more up than Western States), a good amount of very technical terrain, a long night (start is at […]