Off to the races

It’s racing time again. I’m off to South Africa with my mate Liehann to ride the Freedom Challenge – something entierly different for me. I’ve been actually training a bit for cycling, just to ensure I won’t blow up in the first 50k! Which isn’t to say that won’t happen. Assuming all my gear gets to South Africa in the first place!

For good follow-along fun, some links:

Official freedom challenge tracking link – note as the FC uses cellular trackers, and there’s not reception everywhere, this may be working intermittently. Last year it was terrible but this seems to be a new site. This is a full screen tracking link for the same system.

Beat’s personal tracking page and Liehann’s personal tracking page are based on my own tracker. We’re using sat trackers so hopefully those will work most of the time (unless we forget to turn them on).

Jill is embarking on another go of the Tour Divide. You should be able to track her at Tour Divide Trackleaders .

Cheers! Beat

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