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Too much traveling, not enough time for blogging … But I’ve got at least some pictures posted of TDG and Nepal (already!):


TDG 2011

So what’s in the plans for 2012? Not much, really. Not as many 100s as usual, but …

Feb: Iditarod Trail Invitational 350

This is the big adventure of the year. Due to the length, it’s probably physically harder than TDG despite the terrain being easier (and well, if there’s a lot of new snow, it could become extremely hard). Pulling a 35lbs sled over snow is basically like running a moderately steep uphill. But really the challenge is that it’s just extremely remote, with very little support and with volatile conditions which can turn pretty frightening in a hurry.

March: White Mountains 100

One of the hardest 100s, again a winter one, it’s a ton of fun. We’ll see in what kind of shape I’ll be after ITI – maybe I should try it on a bike this year.

April: Zion 100?

This one looks like a blast, not terribly hard but I love the area.

July: Hardrock 100

I got in!!!

August: PTL

The big daddy of the UTMB, this one is a team event without rankings in the results. It’s self-supported (though with special rates at refugios) and unmarked. The trails look quite difficult at times. Almost as long and high as TDG, with a bit less time. It’ll be a formidable challenge. My team mate is Daniel Benhammou, who’s super strong, tough and nice.

September: TDG?

TDG starts one week after PTL ends. It would be glorious. And stupid. Very very stupid. We’ll see on Feb 1 if I can grab a spot … I hope not.


Nolan’s 14 and Colorado Trail

How awesome would those be (apart of the fact that I wouldn’t be able to do Nolan’s in 60 hours, but who cares, it’s not really organized anyways). But the time is getting short …

That’s all the plans I have for now. Last year I raced 6 100s, 1 200 miler and RTP Nepal 150 miles stage – 950 miles. This year maybe … 350 + 2 100s + 2 200s … 950 miles again! So maybe it’s not so little.



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