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Races ranked

Just for the heck of it, I thought it’d be neat to rate all the races I’ve done – very subjectively – according to a few criteria. Feel free to agree or disagree (but please say why) and comment – or add your own races.

My ranking system:

Physical difficulty: how hard is this race […]

Plans and kinks!

Looks like I’ll have some downtime for a month or two – I had some acute achilles pain in the WM100, and it seems it’s an actual injury to the tendon – an MRI will show more. It’s painless unless I do too much biking or uphill running so far, so I’m hopeful this is […]

Winter gear shakedown

As it turns out, winter racing is a serious affair if you want to keep your toes and such. Having your gear dialed in, and knowing how to use it, is very important. Here’s a few things I learned, and items I like to use … and this is really not even a remotely complete […]

Alaska Dreamin’

Far away view of the Wickersham wall. 800ft up in less than 1 mile on soft snow.

“Fuck this! Who was this Wickersham anyways?”. Sweat is streaming down my shirt under my jacket. I briefly stagger, almost loose balance, pulled back by my anvil of a sled. “I feel a bit dizzy.”, Kevin […]