Looking at my blog I realized I basically haven’t written a race report since 2012! Even Steve is blogging more often than I am. Partially this is because Jill is doing a better job than me anyways. Another reason is that my remaining reports are gargantuan (I’ve tried to start the ITI Nome report(s) a few times but didn’t make a real dent) and the backlog is long.

Generally my time is spent:

– Racing

– Designing and developing gear and software for the Iditarod, PTL/TDG, Freedom Challenge (for Jill) and various other events.

– Working at my dayjob

– Attempting to start a race report on the two Nome races

Right now, I’m about to take off to Europe for another PTL/TDG duo (PTL has mad stats this year with 183 miles and 87000ft of ascent! No idea if I can do this!). Then ITI preparations will be in full swing again, and soon after, I will dip my toes into endurance biking with the Freedom Challenge. Dip my toes, followed by a slip and full-body splash that is. I’m quite excited to try out something new, and the FC community and race seems fascinating and awesome.

I hope I can at least occasionally throw in some reports on stuff I’m working on. I’ve got a good sewing machine, a small CNC mill, 3d printer and a SMD rework station at my disposal … these days all necessary tools in a DIY diddlers quiver.

Happy trails!

6 comments to Unblogging

  • Jean

    It’s sad, I loved your race reports and still had you in my RSS feed after two years …

    I would not say Jill’s blog is better, you have very different style and I liked your reports better (and she writes too damn much, I can’t follow !).

    Anyway, good luck in your future endeavors !

    • Beat

      Thanks! Hopefully I’ll get to write some reports after this – Jill is also always asking me to finish my Nome report :)

      Cheers Beat

  • Hey, I’m just glad I can still beat you at something! Have a great time in Europe. I know you’ll rock both the races like you always do. At minimum post some pics as you always take great photos. Also, I miss the Alps and want to see them!

  • Gary

    Hi, I’ve been re reading a variety of TdG blogs in anticipation of my first attempt next week and I noticed in yours you mentioned something you referred to as ‘resistance breathing.’ I’ve googled but I can’t find any reference to what this technique is, would you mind explaining it a little?

    • Beat

      Wrong term indeed. Pressure breathing is what I meant. I wouldn’t stress too much about altitude. Some people have had issues, but generally you spend very little time high up, so chances of getting really sick are low.

      Cheers, Beat

  • Gary

    Thanks Beat, appreciate it. Best of luck next week