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It’s hurting again …

I have a strange relationship with the HURT. It’s consistently been one of the most painful and hard to finish races for me – where even with a “normal” run I do >32 hours (in comparison, I got really sick at Wasatch and did horrible and finished in 30:48 …). The course eats your feet, […]

Shades of fun

For a much better written post about this race, check out Jill’s blog post.

Friday, 11/5/2010. Over the Edge Sports

I shake Dave “Fixie” Nice’s hand.

“You can rent a bike with the small wheels or a 29er”. “Um, what would you recommend?” “I’d take the 29er” “Ok”

I’m taking it for a […]

Firetrails 50

(note: I’m working on my TDG report, but it’s slow … it was a big thing, and there’s lots to put together …)

Originally I was going to skip FT because I am on-call for work, but I figure I could just bring my laptop and in the unlikely case of getting paged, whip it […]

Headlands 2010

Saturday, 3:50am – I am rudely awakened by an alarm. There it is – the decision. Stay in bed, or get up and try to run? For a while, my mind starts ligning up reasons why I shouldn’t go, and there are plenty of good ones, actually. My shin still hurts a lot from bruising […]

Who knew!


Coming from Europe, I didn’t know much about Montana. Former lack of speed limit, good hiding place for people with unwholesome hobbies, that sort of thing. So when I saw the Swan Crest website with some pretty nice pictures, I was intrigued. Was there more to that place? Later I actually met Danni, […]

Coyote 2 Cold

Wet and cold at the second Rose Valley visit

What can be said about Coyote 2 Moon? It’s a joke, and the runners are the punchline. This year the RD posted results from other races (?) under his chosen nicknames for the runners. Mine was Meat. I don’t really know why, nor do […]

Hurt 2010: Wine and Cheese

Hurt time again … one of my all-time favourite races. A tough, painful and rewarding race, with 5 loops that seem to grow exponentially in length …


Pre-race hypochondria and paranoia: check. With not enough training due to my sprained ankle from a few months ago, I also came down with a cold the […]

Plain dumb and somewhat lucky

Plain is one of my favorite races. It’s very tough, remote, beautiful and overall a really fun event. This year there were also a number of friends at the race – all the more fun. But alas, I hit a little snag.

Sunday, September 6: I am going for a nice short training run on […]

2009 Hardrock 100

7/4: walking up 2 flight of stairs to room. out of breath, panting, hard. argh. 7/5: trail marking w Olga @ Virginius. 4WD Drive to Gov Basin from Ouray (part of course) takes 50 minutes?!? Once on the pass, turns out to be fun though. No problems w/ breathing here. Good? Getting worried about […]

Essence of an ultra athlete

What’s the story? In this marathon, I accompanied our family friend Peter. His goal was to finish a nordic walking marathon within the time limit of 7:45, which is an unheard of feat. Why? Peter, aged 68, used to be an excellent marathon runner – 2:22 personal best, to be exact. He used to train […]