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Tor des Geants, Finish

Tappa 7 – Ollomont to Courmayeur

49km – 9600ft climbing – 16:01

I decided to sleep a bit at Ollomont since I was seriously tired, my feet were hurting and I thought I would just finish the last tappa in one go. The sleeping arrangements were even worse than last year, with a huge […]


Le Defi de l’Oisans – the Oisans Challenge (also Tour de l’Oisans et des Ecrins, TOE). Usually it’s a six day stage race, but for its 20th anniversary it would be held non-stop. 180km, 12000m climbing (that’s 40k feet), 80 hour time limit. It was basically the GR54 hiking path, a well known challenging european […]

Desert Bliss

San Diego 100 is a great race. It looks easy on paper, but the combination of a super-fast beginning, technical trails, heat and cold make for a surprisingly difficult race. The climbing is – according to my altimeter – only about 12500ft, which seems about right (there’s only one noticeable climb really), but it takes […]

Races ranked

Just for the heck of it, I thought it’d be neat to rate all the races I’ve done – very subjectively – according to a few criteria. Feel free to agree or disagree (but please say why) and comment – or add your own races.

My ranking system:

Physical difficulty: how hard is this race […]

Plans and kinks!

Looks like I’ll have some downtime for a month or two – I had some acute achilles pain in the WM100, and it seems it’s an actual injury to the tendon – an MRI will show more. It’s painless unless I do too much biking or uphill running so far, so I’m hopeful this is […]

Winter gear shakedown

As it turns out, winter racing is a serious affair if you want to keep your toes and such. Having your gear dialed in, and knowing how to use it, is very important. Here’s a few things I learned, and items I like to use … and this is really not even a remotely complete […]


2010 has been such an extraordinary year for me, I decided to write it up (also I have some me-too going on because of Jill’s year-review post(s), but of course I have barely any pictures and can’t write too good, so don’t expect much). Here we go (and yes, I completely shamelessly stole the format […]

Jill is awesome

The last mile of Swan Crest … it was miserably hot, I thought I was gonna pass out from a heatstroke, and I walked very slowly towards the finish line. No one was behind me, so I wasn’t in a hurry … my spirit was gone, and I simply lacked any mental energy to get […]

2011 Race Plan

So I have a backlog of blog posts I want to write. There’s the TDG report, the Bear report and a post about why Jill is so extremely awesome. One day I’ll do those. Until then, here’s my plan of 2011 races:

January: HURT – Going back for my 500 mile jacket. I only have […]


So here I am at Oakland airport, waiting for my flight to Salt Lake City where I’ll meet up with Jill (yeah!). I am still in denial of the upcoming plans … even as a duo, a 25 hour mountain bike race is so far out of my comfort zone I still have a hard […]