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2011 Race Plan

So I have a backlog of blog posts I want to write. There’s the TDG report, the Bear report and a post about why Jill is so extremely awesome. One day I’ll do those. Until then, here’s my plan of 2011 races:

January: HURT – Going back for my 500 mile jacket. I only have to finish the 100k to get there, but of course I’m aiming for 100m …

February: Susitna – I am seriously scared. Cold weather is more of a challenge than I thought. Jill will be doing her first foot 100, and I really hope we can stick it out together … but if one of us can’t stay warm we might not be able to wait for each other. It’ll be fun either way. However, this isn’t even as cold as …

March: White Mountains – My first 100 mile bike race. I just got my Fatback – it’s sitting in Jill’s apartment and she’ll ride it before me. Her race report scares me to death. -20F is to be expected for sure. And on the bike it’s much harder to keep your feet and hands warm.

June: San Diego or Bighorn? – I do need to put in a number of 100s for TDG. San Diego is the quick and easy choice, Bighorn beautiful. Bighorn could be a good 50 miler for Jill 🙂

July: Hardrock (tentative/pending lottery) – would be tricky to swing the acclimation. But if I were to get in. Hmmm.

July: Swan Crest – Jill’s still interested in that one, and I’d be happy to oblige 🙂

August: Capitol Forest 100 – a mountain bike 100 set up by my friend Roger. Looks super fun.

September: TDG – Yes, I would love to do this again. This time though I won’t be dreaming of meeting Jill, I’ll be going with her … we might hike the UTMB course the week before the race, or try to climb Mont Blanc if our mountaineering skills are sufficient, or both.

November: Racing The Planet Nepal – Nuff said. Jill’s going, too.

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