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This blog: Some reports of ultra races I’ve done.

Me: I’ve been running ultras since 2004. I have absolutely no athletic talent, and haven’t done any sports in the first 25 years of my life. Almost anyone can do (and enjoy doing) the things I’ve done. I’m not too interested in being fast, and haven’t figured that out yet anyways. I’ve done

  • 1 350 mile finish
  • 4 ~200 mile finishes
  • 34 100 mile finishes
  • 4 100 mile DNFs (1x injury – torn calf muscle, HURT 06, 1x lazy Javelina 06, 1x save my legs for next race, Headlands 09, 1x starting with a fresh ankle sprain, Plain 09)
  • two 250k stage races w racing the planet (vietnam, namibia)
  • 5 50 milers (4x Diablo 50m, 1x FT 50), 3 unofficial 100k (hurt 06 & javelina 06, Beat’s to Skyline to the Sea 09
  • ~ 43 and growing shorter ultramarathons

If you would like some information on one of the races in the list for which there is no report, add a comment.

I took the header picture on the Hardrock course, approaching Virginius pass from Ouray.